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Establishment-centric Geneva approach, built on Colombo's LLRC, loses credibility

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 22 March 2017, 23:48 GMT]
Tamil Nadu activist Thirumurugan Gandhi from May 17 Movement and Tamil diaspora activist Lathan Suntharalingam from Switzerland, who have been observing the UN Human Rights Council discourse in Geneva throughout this session urged Eezham Tamils in the homeland to continue to focus on building struggle-centric movements that really go beyond the electoral politics in the island urging them to focus sharply on the fundamentals of the Tamil struggle in their continued protests. The constitutional discourse is a deception without political justice. Political justice cannot be achieved without justice for genocide, they told TamilNet in an in-depth interview this week. The entire UN Human Rights Council discourse in Geneva is Establishment-centric and not victim-centric, as people tend to believe, they said.
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Muslims in Mannaar expose systemic inability of SL State in delivering justice to victims

[TamilNet, Sunday, 19 March 2017, 22:48 GMT]
“2 years or 20 years, it doesn't matter. You can't expect real justice to be delivered by the SL State,” commented Tamil-speaking Muslim activists in Mannnar while TamilNet recently interviewed three Muslim women who have been languishing without justice or remedy for 20 years. The occupying Sri Lanka Army shot and killed the fishermen from Erukkalampiddi-East on 23 May 1997. The massacre took place while the victims were on their way to the seashore in bicycles carrying their fishing nets in the early hours of the fateful Friday. The dead bodies were released to the families on a condition that they signed in a document stating that their husbands were LTTE members, says 44-year-old Rifanu Beham Yaseen, the widow of the late Meerasa Marikar Yaseen and a mother of two girls. Her husband was 32 when he was massacred by the SLA and Ms Rifanu was one-month pregnant carrying a second child.
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Colombo's structural genocide against Eezham Tamils reaches its peak in Mullaiththeevu

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 22:38 GMT]
The structural genocide being waged by Colombo against the nation of Eezham Tamils has reached its peak in Mullaiththeevu district, particularly in Karai-thur'aip-pattu, says NPC Councillor T. Ravikaran in an interview to TamilNet. Tamil fishermen being systematically deprived of even accessing one of their fishing jetty (vaadi) is the latest contention. All the coastal points with vaadis have been seized from Tamils and given to Sinhalese. Tamil people were able to freely engage in their livelihood during the times of the LTTE. But, now they have fallen victims to the structural genocide although the physical genocide ended in May 2009. The Sinhala fishermen, who have been brought from South are using all possible means of banned forms of fishing destroying the fishing ecosystem, the Tamil fishermen complain.
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Japanese warship to visit genocidal Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Monday, 13 March 2017, 23:47 GMT]
The largest warship of Japan will be visiting ‘Sri Lanka’ in July, before joining the “Malabar joint naval exercise” with Indian and US naval vessels in the Indian Ocean, said media reports on Monday. In the vocabulary of the European colonialists, right from the Portuguese, the word Malabar was a reference to the combined land of Tamils and Malayalis. It was mostly meaning Tamil land. Washington, New Delhi and Tokyo, now taking up the ‘Malabar’ legacy of the colonial era, envisage partnership with genocidal Sri Lanka, but ignore or sabotage the righteous aspirations of the Stateless ‘Malabaries’. The three, along with the UK, were prime partners in fatally and unjustly tilting the balance against Tamils, favouring ‘Sri Lanka’ to execute genocide and to set course for the continued structural genocide of the nation of Eezham Tamils.
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Credibility of UNHRC at stake, say 21 Tamil civil groups in North East

[TamilNet, Thursday, 09 March 2017, 23:40 GMT]
“It has thus become very clear that the co-sponsorship of Resolution 30/1 was an attempt to divert the UN Human Rights Council’s attention away from Sri Lanka,” said 21 civil groups and political parties in a statement issued on Thursday on the ‘USA Sri Lanka’ Consensus Resolution that scuttled Tamil demand for international investigations two years ago at Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council. “Sri Lanka’s subsequent behaviour following their co-sponsorship of Resolution 30/1 we believe threatens the credibility of the UN Human Rights Council,” the carefully worded statement of the civil society groups said. Escalation and not de-escalation of pressure on the Government is the real contribution that the international community can make towards enhancing the human rights situation in the North-East of Sri Lanka, the statement further said.
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Uprooted Tamils to launch mass struggle against SL military housing deception

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 07 March 2017, 20:50 GMT]
The organizations representing the uprooted people from Valikaamam North in Jaffna, who are all fed up by decades of deceptions by the changing regimes in Colombo that refuse to de-militarize and allow the people to resettle in their fertile villages, have resolved this week to step up their struggle by joint action in the future. Only some of the occupied lands were returned at Keappaa-pulavu and at Puthukkudiyiruppu. The occupying military is undeterred in its project of militarization. The human rights politics in Geneva advanced primarily by Obama’s USA bandwagon had completely neglected Tamil demands. While deploying Tamil victims and activists at side-events, the discourse targeting regime change through appeasing the genocidal State of Sri Lanka, has only contributed to accelerated militarization of Tamil homeland.
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British-recognised occupying SL military attempts rape in Ki'linochchi

[TamilNet, Friday, 03 March 2017, 23:36 GMT]
A soldier of the occupying Sinhala military under the command of Major General Ajith Karyakarawana on Friday evening attempted to rape a 56-year-old Tamil woman at Santha-puram, located near Ira'nai-madu, where the occupying military of genocidal Sri Lanka is maintaining its so-called Security Forces Head Quarters for Ki'linochchi with at least three divisions of Sinhala military and SL Air Force. The rape attempt comes a few days after Ms Laura Davies, the Deputy British High Commissioner in Colombo and Captain Stuart Andrew Borland, the British Defence Attaché in Colombo, were according diplomatic and military recognition to the occupying Sinhala military in the Tamil homeland by paying a visit and receiving a memento from Maj Gen Ajith Karayakarawana, the commander of the controversial military base that has been operating against the Eezham Tamils in Vanni.
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UN Human Rights mechanism in Geneva has disappointed families of enforced disappeared

[TamilNet, Thursday, 23 February 2017, 21:14 GMT]
Mothers and wives of enforced disappeared in Ki'linochchi district, who are waging a continuous struggle since Monday this week, have blamed the Office of Human Rights High Commissioner in Geneva for working behind the scene to give more ‘time and space’ to the SL State without bringing international justice. “Look at us. I am already 65. Most of the aged mothers, like myslef, are affected by various kinds of illnesses. We take more medicines than food. We would not last for long. 7 years have already vanished. Giving time and space to SL State only means death to ourselves and justice. If we are no more, there would be no one demanding justice. Colombo knows this,” Leelathevi Ananthanadarajah, one of the mothers giving collective leadership to the struggle being waged in front of the Kandaswamy temple in Ki'lilnochchi told TamilNet in a video interview.
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Keappaa-pulavu protesters question silence of foreign diplomats, challenge ‘TNA optics’

[TamilNet, Sunday, 19 February 2017, 11:38 GMT]
Tamil women-led protesters in Keappaa-pulavu on Saturday questioned the silence on the part of the diplomats from the international community who have been to Keappaa-pulavu on ‘field trips’ in the past. The Head of Keappaa-pulavu Women’s Development Organisation Ms S Chandraleela told TamilNet on Saturday that in addition to releasing their occupied lands, the SL military should be withdrawn from the roads used by their children from their village to school. The people on the struggle are concerned of retaliatory abductions from the SL military, which is engaged in surveillance against the protesting families. In the meantime, SL Air Force remove the paragraph of shoot-at-sight warning from the notice boards it had put inside the lands, a day after the threat was exposed by media with photographic evidence.
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UK, Australia, have responsibility in halting Mullaiththeevu structural genocide

[TamilNet, Saturday, 18 February 2017, 01:52 GMT]
Britain and Australia that have sent high-level policy planners to ‘assess’ Keappaa-pulavu in the company of occupying Sinhala military of genocidal Sri Lanka in January 2013, should also take the responsibility in halting the structural genocide of the nation of Eezham Tamils there. Those who ‘advise’ Tamils not to use the word ‘genocide’ but to rally behind ‘development’, and those who equate the on-going Sinhalicisation to the presence of Tamils in the southern parts, should note that despite long presence of Eezham Tamils in the South or 200 years of up-country Tamils brought by the British, no village has officially become a Tamil village in the South. But just in two years time a Tamil village in the North and East could officially become a Sinhala village in nomenclature, administrative records, demography and political power, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics.
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