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Japanese warship to visit genocidal Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Monday, 13 March 2017, 23:47 GMT]
The largest warship of Japan will be visiting ‘Sri Lanka’ in July, before joining the “Malabar joint naval exercise” with Indian and US naval vessels in the Indian Ocean, said media reports on Monday. In the vocabulary of the European colonialists, right from the Portuguese, the word Malabar was a reference to the combined land of Tamils and Malayalis. It was mostly meaning Tamil land. Washington, New Delhi and Tokyo, now taking up the ‘Malabar’ legacy of the colonial era, envisage partnership with genocidal Sri Lanka, but ignore or sabotage the righteous aspirations of the Stateless ‘Malabaries’. The three, along with the UK, were prime partners in fatally and unjustly tilting the balance against Tamils, favouring ‘Sri Lanka’ to execute genocide and to set course for the continued structural genocide of the nation of Eezham Tamils.

When the Japanese representative Akashi visited Vanni during the ‘peace’ deliberations that later led to the genocide, he was asked by an Eezham Tamil journalist that why Japan could not think of a policy delivering justice to the national question of Eezham Tamils. He reportedly has answered that the Japanese policy was like a big ship and one could not change its course all of a sudden. We now see the course set at that time and where the ship is heading for, commented Tamil media circles.

Japan’s warship in current news is as large as its carriers of the World War II times, and its planned three-month tour, covering Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and ‘Sri Lanka’, including the ‘Malabar exercise’, is its biggest naval show since World War II, media reports said.

The Japanese naval show and joint exercise with USA and India mean flexing muscles with China in the Trump Era, media reports indicated.

Former NSA of New Delhi, Shiva Shankar Menon was arguing in his book that the ‘choice’ to favour Colombo in the war was inevitable because of the China factor.

The ‘choice’ has not achieved anything other than creating a deep rift between New Delhi-US bandwagon and the hearts of Tamils. Perhaps the bias in a school of Indian diplomacy was prepared to pay the price of the ‘choice’.

If appropriately compensating justice is not forthcoming, the ‘choice’ Menon refers to, is eventually going to endanger his own country and his own region. The caution should also be said to anyone who would be aspiring for the Malabar waters without winning the hearts of ‘Malabaries’.

Tamil hearts could go behind only those who practically deliver justice. If no such one there, Tamils would be pushed to the corner of wishing only for the doom of all of them, commented Tamil political observers.

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